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Operating Division
Transnet NPA
Position Title
Port Engineer
Employee Group
Department:Port Engineering, DNR
Reporting To:Port Manager
Grade Level:D
Reference Number :10154630
Position Purpose
:To Plan, provide and maintain port infrastructure
Position outputs
:Provide Capital Infrastructure ahead of demand:
Manage infrastructure capex program
o Manage project managers
o Conduct internal project review
o Chair feedback with Transnet Projects
o Assess and provide guidance on project planning and execution
o Plan and review project spending every fortnight. Sign off cashflows
o Provide guidance on project spending and mitigation where required
o Review and prepare if necessary project business cases and submissions
PLEASE NOTE: Transnet, its employees or representatives never ask for a fee from job seekers. Any such requests are fraudulent. Please report any
suspicious activities in this regard to the Transnet anti-fraud line on 0800 003 056.
o Prepare and deliver presentations for project approval
o Approve payment certificates as per delegated authority
Planning and development
o Provide strategic guidance on overall port development
o Prepare and provide information required for Port Master Plan
o Perform analysis
o Brief and review specialist studies
o Produce planned programs for 1-yr, 5yr and 20year infrastructure programs
o Provide guidance and participate in stakeholder engagement programs
o Participate as member in the Port Planning Committee
o Lobby with various stakeholders to obtain support for various project developments
Maintain asset condition fit for use:
Review maintenance requirements and plan cash
Manage maintenance-managers
Provide guidance for ongoing maintenance manuals development
Research, review and implement new technologies for maintenance optimization
Assess infrastructure conditions and decide on renewable programs
Approve payments for maintenance projects as per delegated authority
Authorise and manage overtime work
Authorise, support, deal with breakdowns and emergencies
Manage, enhance, safety and health programs related to infrastructure maintenance
Professional certification of relevant assets
Infrastructure governance and compliance:
Professional certification for relevant designs
Approval of all infrastructure development plans submitted both by internal and external parties
Undertake requirements as required by the Ports Act
Ensure and manage compliance related to various Act such as SANS,OSHACT
Stakeholder Management:
Member of Port-City Forum
TNPA representative at Durban Port Liaison Committee (Durban Chamber of Commerce)
Attendee at various Mega Project Steercom
Participation at various EIA meetings
Participation in various Client and Lessee interventions
Participate in various Delegation visiting the Port
Prepare and deliver presentations
Business Continuity-Member of the Port Crisis Management Team
Member of the Port EXCO
Member of the Port Acquisition Committee
Member of port Risk Committee
Provide support and guidance to various internal stakeholders such property, security
Human Capital Development in Engineering:
Review budgets and manage training programs
Assess technical staff as required by engineering career ladder
Review resourcing and lead organogram changes
Motivate for required staff and grade reviews
Manage under-performance
Select candidate for Port Engineering Courses
Manage Bursary students and
Manage Training program for Engineers, Technicians to acquire professional registration
PLEASE NOTE: Transnet, its employees or representatives never ask for a fee from job seekers. Any such requests are fraudulent. Please report any
suspicious activities in this regard to the Transnet anti-fraud line on 0800 003 056.
Assess Engineers, Technicians and make recommendations to Engineering Council for registration
Chair Level 2 Trade Union Forum
Member of equity committee
promote equity and opportunity to PDI`s
Develop and implement strategies for sustainable resourcing in engineering department
Design Centre:
Approve plans and designs undertaken in-house
Approve plan submitted by third parties
Review plans and achieve systems
Provide guidance for various project designs
Research, review and promote new technology in Design Centre
Review budgets and process and make recommendations for enhancements
Financial Management:
Manage opex and capex budgets
Review cash flows for capex and make recommendations for enhanced delivery of project
Review maintenance spending to ensure maintenance management is optimised
•Review and manage overspending and underspending
•Review and prepare annual budgets for subsequent financial years
•Motivate budgets for approval
•Provide guidance and review financial analysis for major and mega capital project to ensure project viability
•Approve claims for maintenance and capital works as per delegated authority
•Release purchase requisitions and orders as per delegated authority
•Review and assist with preparation of monthly project spending reports
Qualifications & Experience
•BSc (eng) Civil,
•Professional Engineer(Registered with Engineering Council of SA)
•M.Eng (Port Planning and Development)
Minimum years Relevant Experience:
10 years :
5 years General Engineering
5 years Port Engineering
•Civil, coastal and port engineering practices and technology
•International and local environmental statutory requirements and procedures
•Statutory civil engineering requirements
•Statutory safety requirements
•Local authority by-laws
•Principles of risk management
•Quality control
•Service quality principles
•Transnet and TNPA financial systems and procedures
•Transnet permanent way instructions
•Tender and contract procedures
•Transnet policies
•Principles of property management
•Port planning principles
•Short-term, medium-term and strategic planning principles
PLEASE NOTE: Transnet, its employees or representatives never ask for a fee from job seekers. Any such requests are fraudulent. Please report any
suspicious activities in this regard to the Transnet anti-fraud line on 0800 003 056.
•Ability to view situations holistically
•Analytical ability / problem solving
•Project management
•Business management
•Decision making
•Budgeting and budget control
•Communication and relationship management
•Networking and consultation
•Full computer literacy (e.g. scheduling,. Spread sheet, word processing and database applications)
•Project evaluation
•Research and reporting
•Attention to detail
•Professional approach
•Process and project orientated
•Results oriented
•Business and strategic awareness
•Flexible (adaptable to changes in environment)
•Honest, ethical and credible
•Assertive and decisive
•Stable and consistent
•Safety orientated
Alternative Application Methods: (Completed Curriculum Vitae to be submitted)