South African Government offers over 700 different programmes to fund and grant business in South Africa. There are also other opportunities for commercial banks, venture capitalists and angel investors out there and they are all focused on providing funding for business ventures that can make a difference to the economy. We will assist you to determine your best option and guide you all the way.

The South African Government offers a wide variety of grants, loans and subsidies South African businesses. The available programmes range from incentives to reduced interest rate loans. They are available for start-up companies or planned expansions. The sectors can vary from tourism, manufacturing and IT companies, including specialist entities such as aquaculture, recycling and agro-processing projects.

We identify according to your requirements the most suitable programme and make sure that you qualify. We can also support you to submit a high-quality grant application, taking into account all the requirements of the application, to secure your approval.

  • Identifying grant and loan opportunities
  • Drawing up project business plans according to the requirements of the appropriate funding authority
  • Drawing up grant and loan proposals
  • Ensuring Compliance
  • Project design & project management

To make sure that you finally receive payment, we ensure that complex administrative criteria are met and assist with project management. We will also regularly provide process management – monitoring and optimising the entire grant and loan procurement process.

Whether you need professional input for a particular project at a single location, or you need a broad view on how to implement grants strategically in an extensive cross-border network, we will provide the best grant and loan consultancy.


Funding is our core business; we identify your most promising grant and loan opportunities early in the project cycle, matching your ambitions, objectives, and intended projects and investments with available funding programs.

Our proactive approach, which involves identifying funding and matching projects to specific schemes leads to successful results. While ‘following the money’ – monitoring all available subsidy schemes – we also actively ‘follow our clients”, gaining clear insight into your strategic projects that might be fundable, even if you hadn’t previously considered applying for grants. Over the years, this approach has benefited numerous clients.


One of the key elements of a successful funding application is a solid business plan. Taking the time to create a clear, viable plan will demonstrate that you’ve done all the necessary thinking around your venture. We will advise you on the strength and suitability of your business plan. If you have not yet created your business plan, we can assist you. 


In the application phase, we prepare and submit high-quality grant and loan applications to the appropriate funding authority, optimising your chances of success. We do this by:

  • Gathering information and preparing applications
  • Providing advice on state aid rules,
  • writing and filing grant and loan applications,
  • and assisting in proposal evaluation and contract negotiations.


Loan and grant funding programmes have pages of rules and regulations, and we make sure you qualify for the relevant grant and loan programme, and you have the numerous information and documentation in place. We ensure that you fully comply with all requirements, right through the claim process until the moment when the final payment is received.


We assist you through this process, remind you of missing documentation, and we update you all the time and keep you informed.


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