Public Works Learnership Programmes


1. WHAT ARE LEARNERSHIPS Learnerships are formal work based Learning Programmes that utilise structured Unit standards geared at acquisition of a professional or vocational qualification. They seek to link theory (30%) with practice (70%) to derive skilled and knowledgeable individuals. Learnerships are demand led and seek to respond to a demonstrable social or economic need and labour market and or sector realities. Learnerships are administered by the Sectorial Education and Training Authorities under the Ministerial of Higher Education and Training.

2.OBJECTIVES OF LEARNERSHIP PROGRAMMES. Prepare employees in formal employment to acquire qualifications in the fields they are already employed in. Assist with pre – employment training for specific target groups, so as to provide the skills and knowledge required to perform competently in an occupation. Provide the unemployed and out of school with work experience and skills that are accredited by the relevant Sectorial Education and Training Authorities (SETA’s). They also aim to promote access to employment and training opportunities (rather than consolidate a worker’s ability in his/her current trade).

18.1 Learnership Programmes These are for persons already in the employ of the Department.
18.2 Learnership Programmes These are for persons not in the employ of the Department.

2. ADVANTAGES OF A LEARNERSHIP PROGRAMME Ability to put to practice what the learner would have learned theoretically. Group learning that provides a supportive environment.

3. LEARNERSHIP ALLOWANCE Learners in a Learnership Programme receive an allowance determined in the Learnership Determination and are subject to the presiding Learnership conditions at the time. Learners will also be expected to enter into a contract with the Department for the duration of the Learnership programme, the contract of which will stipulate other conditions for participation including and not limited to Leave, Sick leave, Overtime etc.

4. LEARNERSHIPS FOCUS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS. Construction: Masonry / Bricklaying Plumbing Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Electrical Horticulture Capentry 5.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Employed and or Unemployed Grade 10 to Grade 12 with Maths and English. Out of school. Applicants must be between 18 – 25 years of age.

Telephone number: 015 284 7000 Department of Public Works Private Bag x9490 Polokwane, 0700 43 Church Street, Polokwane Limpopo Province HRD:

Ms Ester Sehlapelo – 015 284 7422
Ms Linda Kaseke- 015 284 7156/7107