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Are you looking for a career at SANDF – South African National Defence Force? The Department of Defence employ young, fit and healthy candidates who are Citizens of the Republic of South Africa.

Application for SANDF is available ONCE A YEAR.

This can be found published as an application form in various newspapers as well as on

Application selection is therefore captured and a list of names are given between June – August (First Selection) and then September – November (Second Selection) called for interview and screening process

If you missed the post during this period you can also find them at the careers centres providing they still open for registration.

Through SANDF you can apply for;

Click Here to Department of Defence

Click Here to SA Navy

Enquiries can be directed to: SA Navy Recruitment Centre at (012) 339 4352 or (012) 339 4004.

Click Here to SA Airforce

Click Here to SAMHS

What is the Reserve Force?

Reserve Force service is military service rendered by citizens of the country on a voluntary basis.

The members of the Reserve either serve within the structure of an allocated unit or in accordance with a professional and skills requirement programme.

Conditions for appointment

  • Availability of a vacant post.
  • Medical fitness (applicants will have to undergo the prescribed SANDF military health examination).
  • The successful completion of psychometric tests and appearance before a selection board (when necessary for certain appointments, eg, officer’s appointments. This is not applicable for ex-regular members).Selection Process

    Applications complying with the minimum requirements will be subjected to further screening.

    Candidates identified will then be invited to partake in a selection process.

    The selection process entails the following:

    Psychometric evaluation:

    The aim is to assess the candidates aptitude and potential to develop in the position that was applied for.

    The nature of these tests will depend on the position applied for.

    Selection Board (formal interview):

    A Selection Board will be conducted in order to assess the applicants interest in the position applied for, as well as his or her interest in the Defence Force in general.

    The interview will also focus on self- confidence, leadership potential and communication skills.

    Medical Evaluation:

    A comprehensive medical evaluation will be conducted by appointed military medical practitioners in order to assess the applicants medical history and current medical status.

    All applicants must be declared fit for military training before commencement.

    Criminal Records:

    Fingerprints of applicants will be sent to the Criminal Record Bureau for verification.

    Records of convictions will be evaluated based on the severity thereof and how recently the offence(s) occurred.

    Offer of Employment

    Successful applicants will receive an offer of employment.

    Candidates who are not successful will be informed by correspondence.

    It is unfortunate that not all applicants who are recommended for training will receive an offer of employment due to the large amount of applications received.

    The official website of the Directorate Human Resource Acquisition of the SANDF can be found at

    Click Here to


    SIMON’S TOWN: TEL (021) 787 3831

    CAPE TOWN: TEL (021) 787 1144

    BLOEMFONTEIN: TEL (051) 402 1128

    DURBAN: TEL (031) 369 1203

    KIMBERLEY: TEL (053) 830 3151

    PORT ELIZABETH: TEL (041) 505 1121

    POTCHEFSTROOM: TEL (018) 289 3322

    MAKHADO (LOUIS TRICHARDT): TEL (015) 577 2017


    Physical Address (Walk in Centre):

    Bank of Lisbon Building
    Walk in Centre
    Ground Floor
    c/o Paul Kruger & Visagie Street