Kitchen Workers At The Department Of Defence Requirements: Grade 10 Or Abet

FOOD SERVICE AID II (6 POSTS), REF: ARMY/38/17/04 SALARY : Level 2 (R90 234 per annum).

CENTRE : School of Artillery, Potchefstroom.

REQUIREMENTS : A minimum of Grade 10 or ABET Level 1 – 4. Special requirements/ skills needed: Knowledge of a limited range of work procedures such as planning and organizing, equipment use, training, food preparation, etc. Must be physically fit and healthy.

DUTIES : Rendering assistance with the preparation and serving of food/drinks in all its forms by: Hygienically preparation (i.e. wash, cut and cook) and serving of food. Preparing and serving tea, coffee and drinks. Supplying water on dining tables. Keeping kitchen, dining hall and food storage areas clean and tidy. Removing all kitchen waste. Packing supplies received in the food storage areas. Washing and cleaning up after meals. Setting tables (including decoration thereof). Waiting on tables. Ensure only authorised personnel have access to the kitchen and/or consume meals. Ensure serviceability of equipment and report any defects or shortages. Apply a high standard of hygiene as well as safety measures in work environment. 8

APPLICATIONS : Department of Defence, South African Army Artillery Formation, School of Artillery, Private Bag X2005, Noordbrug 2522.

ENQUIRIES : Capt B.M. Zulu, Tel: (018) 289 3817. CLOSING DATE : 19 February 2018