How to Apply for Anglo American Sponsorship

I found this information to be useful for people who would like to get sponsorship from Anglo American for their community development initiatives. Share this on your social networks to spread the message across.

Anglo American Funding Guidelines

The Fund is committed to supporting development initiatives that are directed towards the alleviation of poverty and the development of communities in South Africa.

The diversity of the projects and sectors that the Fund supports is in recognition of the diverse and varied socio-economic as well as educational needs of South African communities.

Funding Areas

The Fund’s major areas of interest are in education, health and sustainable community development.

Targeted Activities

The targeted activities for education are (limited budget for 2014)

Early Childhood Development, specifically

ECD Training organisations (accredited Level 4 and 5 training for ECD practitioners)

Organisations which include children with disabilities; and

Programmes which actively and constructively include parents in the ECD of their children

Maths, science and language development, specifically:

Quality schooling, with a focus on primary school teacher development, and management and leadership at school and district level. The focus is on foundation, intermediate and senior phases.

Maths, science and language and/or numeracy and literacy development

Quality education for learners with special educational needs, including:

Special education programmes for learners with severe to profound disabilities;

Special schools, resource centres and full service schools; and

Programmes which address inclusion

Improved infrastructure, with a focus on upgrading rural schools.

The targeted activities for health are:

Strengthening the public healthcare system based on the six pillars of a health system as defined by the World Health Organisation

Preventing HIV/Aids through innovative and national significant projects and programmes

The targeted activities for sustainable community development are (limited budget for 2014)

Sustainable livelihoods (skills training including job placement and/or employment creation as well as agricultural livelihoods support)

Community development projects that enhance social cohesion and address social ills through prevention and early intervention projects and programmes

Community care and access to quality welfare support for those in need

Capacity building support for community-based organisations (CBOs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in general and more specific development fields

The deadlines for applications for 2015 are:

Quarter two: 7 April 2015. Applications for Learners with Special Needs, Livelihoods and HIV/Prevention, Welfare Support and Community Development projects will be accepted
Quarter three: 7 July 2015. Applications for Early Childhood Development; Maths, Science and Language; Welfare Support and Community Development projects will be accepted.
Quarter four: 23 September 2015. Applications for Public Health Care Strengthening, Maths, Science, Language; Capacity Building, Welfare Support and Community Development will be accepted.

Late applications will not be accepted.
Please note that the supporting document called the “ITA34 or Letter of Good Standing” from SARS is a new requirement from the Fund and is to be submitted along with the application. If all mandatory documents are not submitted with your application before or on the deadline, there will be a delay in reviewing your application. Please also note that the budget for 2015 is limited and funding cannot be guaranteed.

Download the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund application form

Download the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund reporting form