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Are you 18 – 28 years old, with a matric, diploma/degree and struggling to find a job? Harambee can help you!
  • We will ASSESS you to understand the type of job you are best suited for
  • We will MATCH you to jobs we have on our database
  • We will PREPARE you for interviews
  • We will help you GET READY for work

Young unemployed people can only benefit from applying to join Harambee Youth Employment Accelerators. The main benefit is being trained and then getting your first job, but even if you aren’t right for the jobs available, you’ll still get a lot of support to find a job somewhere else.

Work readiness training

If you are selected, Harambee will give you a place on a training programme – known as “bridging” because it builds a bridge to the skills you need to do your job properly. You will be trained in the basics of work life, time management, basic maths and language skills, computer skills, budgeting and many other skills that will make you successful in your new job. But even if you don’t become a Harambee, you still benefit from applying. Unsuccessful candidates are offered career assessment, advice on education, job-hunting tips, referrals to other companies and volunteer organisations, and advice on how to apply for a social grant.

Career assessment

We will assess you to find out what type of job best suits your personality, interests and skills.

Advice on education facilities

We will give you referrals to education facilities that provide learnerhips, artisan training, diplomas and accreditations as well as to financial institutions that provide bursaries.

Helpful job hunting tips

We’ll give you helpful tips on who to contact when looking for a job, how to prepare a CV, and how to get ready for an interview. Click here to see these job hunting tips.

Social grants

We give all applicants advice on how to get a social grant from the government: who qualifies for a grant, the process of applying for a grant, and contact details.

Referrals to other organisations

Your details will be placed on our database for referrals to other organisations where your skills may be needed.

Volunteer organisations

We will refer you to volunteer organisations where you can get valuable working experience while looking for a full-time job.

**Harambee sometimes doesn’t have jobs that everyone is suited for. If this is the case for you, we will keep your information and contact you as soon as we have a job that matches you.